I manipulate metals and minerals and bonding solutions in order to provoke emotional responses from people I will usually never meet. That which happens in the process some people call art. My talent for creating icons and illusions turned into a lifetime of manipulations... in various pigments, bronze and steel, some quite large, which loom in museums, schools, collections and public places all over Texas. Here on this blog you can watch my creative actions and insights unfold...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One man's version of Heaven on Earth

photo by Stephen Williamson

The LINK below will take you to Stephen's website... where he has done several great studies of this photograph.


  1. Funny you posted this pic... the painting of it: http://funwithacrylics.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/palo-duro-painting-studio-work-russell-in-plein-air-heaven/

    Mind if I paint the pic of me and John you posted in the What's Plein Air blog article?

    1. Those are beautiful studies... You've got it goin' on bro-

      By all means paint whatever you want!