I manipulate metals and minerals and bonding solutions in order to provoke emotional responses from people I will usually never meet. That which happens in the process some people call art. My talent for creating icons and illusions turned into a lifetime of manipulations... in various pigments, bronze and steel, some quite large, which loom in museums, schools, collections and public places all over Texas. Here on this blog you can watch my creative actions and insights unfold...

Friday, August 11, 2017

All Hands On Deck For My "Public Art" Career Finale

My blogging almost ended with the election of a new president and the following economic boost. Some call it the Trump bump. It has been all hands on deck for me and my interns.

Happily on the job

 Mural at Hi-Ho store in Navasota, Texas
 Abbey Linder helps out. She was recently voted the "Best Artist in Navasota." No argument here.
Yep, this spring was the busiest ever. I managed to spend a week in the out of doors in March/April doing what I love most- painting "plein air," before I had to get down to business.

For me, the sweetest form of Worship.

 These paintings were done near Union Grove Baptist Church.
My business exploded right after the election. It seems like elections always screw up retail and consumer confidence until everyone calms down afterwards. Jobs came in every week for a month... and I took on all opportunities, ready to make up for the past year's of lethargy.

High points were a couple of murals for Hi-Ho Shell and Taqueria in Navasota... where I hired Ashton Hall of Lacrosse, Wisconsin to help me lay out the main mural. Ashton had been one of the Horlock Gallery Artists in Residence, and wanted to learn more about doing murals.

 Ashton was a great artist's assistant, and in fact a very able, energetic and intelligent co-worker. 

 Towards the end my talented young neighbor Abbey Linder assisted and provided that second wind to get this tired old man across the finish line. She helped on the signage and also to paint the chuck wagon, which became the talk of the crossroads at HWY 105 and Texas 6.

On bad weather days we worked on a sculpture project... five life-sized wooden horses for a property owner in Washington County. 

I called them "Kingdom of the Wind."

The heat and weather really got to me by early summer... can't do these outdoor projects anymore.  Thanks to the girls I got these delivered and on budget and on time... but just barely. 

Going to stick to the studio easel from here on out... let these young folks pick it up if they want to. 

Linda and I plan to relocate in the coming year, closer to our daughter in Temple, to near Belton, Texas. I will be able to paint from my porch. 

Going to concentrate on landscape painting... birdwatching... and retire from the "public art' which has been my main focus for twenty years. 

Thank you Brazos Valley, for allowing this artist to follow his dream on your walls and in your parks. I believe we have made a mark on each other, and landmarks which will be enjoyed for generations.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Thanks for checking out my art!

I have been fighting heart disease, depression and physical exhaustion lately, and trying to get back up to speed. But it will take more than all that to make me stop painting!

 Morning is Broken
30 x 40 oil on canvas

This is my most recent commission, completed in late January, 2017, done for Tracy and Leesa Williams of Huntsville, Texas. This is the view out of their backyard. Well, at least one morning!